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Web design services with Hasten IT Solutions:

What is a website?

Technically website is a collection of related webpages and files that including the front page normally called home page. From the home page, you can navigate to all the other pages on their site.

How it helps businesses?

Websites act as mouthpiece of a business. In business parlance websites are very important to reach customers across borders due to their seamlessness and can be viewed from anywhere when connected online.

What is web designing?

Web designing involves creating and assorting design logic, content, images, videos, pages and other interactive elements for getting them presented in a cogent way for the visitor.

Web technology:

Websites are developed using open source and paid resource technologies, Open source developed websites are cost effective and very popular as they come with free of cost yet technically not inferior. Also many support forums makes life easier for the developer by providing assistance.

Most important open source technology is php & Mysql. As of paid resource Asp & .net combo lead the list

Web design services offered by Hasten IT Solutions.

Hasten IT offers below listed webdesign services.

Basic Static website designing: A basic website with us will have 6 to 10 pages there is no dynamic pages in a basic website.

Dynamic Website designing services: Often changes, Interactive websites with enquiry forms.

Interactive website designing: With more generated pages.

Mobile web designing: Mobile compatible website designing.

Responsive website designing: Feel good website for any display devices.

Flash Website designing: To add more colour to the website.

Web Development:

Web applications and CMS are popular for ease of use and regular content update can be done by even a novice in web designing. to the end user. At Hasten IT Solutions, our aim is to facilitate clients self-sufficient and operate on their website without any assistance As CMS makes updating in no time with least technical knowledge your content won’t be obsolete. CMS offers easy human interface.

Having proven ourselves in webdesign projects of variety of business domains, size and disciplines, We modestly term our company as one of the best company in chennai for web design, web development and application development.

We offer top quality internet technology services at affordable costs with our efficient consultants who are experienced in this field are here till business goals of clients is attained.