Improve your business performance with open source CRM.


CRM at downtrodden costs:

CRM is Customer Relationship Management.

It is a well known fact that an excellent management of customer relationship leads to increase in the volume of the customers and benefits the business with huge profits in the long run. There are several essentials for a good customer relationship management (CRM) which are to be fulfilled. The system of CRM should be cautiously designed with the processes aiming to enhance sales, accounting, follow-up, service and all other vital aspects of business that affects the customer.

Merits of a CRM System:

The CRM system should be appreciated and accepted by all the members of the business, right from the receptionist to the Chief Managing Director and the plan should be transparent, simple to understand and capable of being implemented effortlessly. Our company offers you with excellent CRM solutions enabling you to save your precious time and your hard earned money throughout your organization. You just need to input vendor, order data and customer only once and then you can share the whole information with your functional divisions using ERP software. The inventory, procedures relating to warehousing, invoicing and accounting can be automated, which frees you from most of the functional responsibilities.

ERP applications can also be used for creation of reports and analyzing the trend of the organization effortlessly and swiftly which allows you to take action immediately to the unexpected changes in the market. We also assist you in making your ecommerce simple. The details in your online store are being shared with the normal application and hence neither harmonization nor additional incorporation task is essential.

Open source CRM from Hasten IT:

Open source CRM systems are developed and maintained by our professionals and hence no license fee is charged. The codes are freely available and hence you will be able to modify and get better in certain areas to suit your particular business requirements. Our CRM is designed with reliable and fast LAMP and WAMP technologies coupled with other projects.

Our CRM solution services benefits you with the merits of the software and provides added value to the consumers by offering numerous features like:

  • Marketing automation
  • Management of inventory
  • Automation of sales force
  • Excellent customer service and support
  • Support with manifold database
  • Safety management
  • Customization of products
  • Schedule of events
  • Integration of emails and other accomplishments.

The installation of our CRM software is very simple because of the integration of all the essential software for business like Apache, PHP and My SQL are easily made accessible for both Linux and Windows operating systems. Our clients are freed from the worry of establishing a web server, a database and further software. Our Customer relationship management system also offers additions for enhancing the productivity of business possessing venture grade, customer portal, Outlook connection for Microsoft and Outlook users and Thunderbird extension for Mozilla and thunderbird users.

We design and provide you with personalized CRM systems that fulfill your entire requirements. We also offer support, training, help-desk and hosting services and assure our clients to enjoy continual benefits and ROI from your investment in CRM.