Custom developed applications..


Custom web applications and on demand application software development:

What is custom software applications?

Software tailor made for a specific purpose is called custom application, developed to meet up with a particular scenario in an organization.

Custom Software and Web Application Development:

Hasten IT Solutions is providing custom application development with apt user interfaces that can be plugged in with the existing enterprise application systems of variety of organizations. Our developers study the requirement, completely understand what can be done and prepare the basic architectural entities needed for developing the tailor made application, develop it and test it thoroughly and finally implement it with client needs. Further, we entirely rely on set industry practices to assure fault free delivery.

Services we offer:

  • Web based Application development.
  • Web enabled Application Development.
  • Developing E-commerce store applications.
  • Offshore Project Development
  • Modernization and re-structure of current applications
  • Migration and integration.
  • Support and maintenance.
  • Authentication and validation
  • Customized application development with open source-PHP:

  • PHP based customized content management system (CMS).
  • Custom web design/redesign and web development.
  • MYSQL PHP based application programming, Installation of scripts, modification requests, and PHP Script debugging and fixing.
  • Shopping cart development with PHP.
  • Customized PHP and MYSQL web programming.
  • Database system development with (php/mysql/mssql)
  • Forum creation with PHP.
  • Microsoft .Net framework based - Application development services:

  • Maintenance and Enhancing existing .NET applications.
  • Database system design with MS-SQL and .NET.
  • E-Commerce website development.
  • Website architectural design.
  • Request based Application Development.
  • Converting legacy data.
  • Deployment and Porting Legacy applications to .NET based applications.
  • Ajax Development.
  • User Interface design.
  • Migrating other web based applications to .NET.
  • Desktop application development, Design and Programming with .NET.
  • Web development with ASP.Net, C# or VB.Net.
  • Why Hasten IT Solutions?

  • Provides any type of customized application development services.
  • Afford business process software development.
  • Highly flexible and forward compatible.
  • We don’t charge license fees, Hence cost gets reduced.
  • Highly time saving as we stick with timely delivery.
  • The Hasten Advantage:

    We ensure our clients that each particular requirement is fulfilled in the satisfactory manner without any compromises. Our experienced developers guarantees your business to win the market amidst your competitors.

    The custom applications are usable with various operating systems. Using the RAD technology, we minimize the time to design your applications. By offering user interface that is simple to follow, we assist you in boosting your opportunity of capturing the potential market.