E-Catalogue Development Services.


What is E-catalogue?

For websites with lot of products on display kleeping E-catalogues is inevitable to give detailed description of products and services and help in a great way to provide complete data to the visitors.

In online commerce the buzz word is E-catalogue. Indeed act as an on the go communicative tool for the new age. becomes a must to keep one for a thriving online business. Printed catalogues are costly than a catalogue delivered online.

A Bit about us:

Hasten IT Solutions is a leading Information technology company in india affords total solution for E-catalogue designing services in india. It can be done for an online showroom to a complete e-commerce portal. We cater for corporate and individual clients and provide custom catalogue design services for the need of business houses, specialize in accumulating diverse data, match up the syntax and structural aspects, and keeping the data updated.

E-catalogue is online listing of products under pre defined categories. It is an innovative avenue for displaying product descriptions and profile to visitors who leads to become customers.

Our professional online e-catalogues are well organized, easy to navigate through and cost effective. Templated E-catalogue designing allows easy updates of information – adding new products, their details, deleting an existing product or adding / deleting feature has become easy with it.

The Hasten Environment:

Hasten IT Solutions is harbored with a dynamic group of passionate designers working together as a team. We thrive for customer satisfaction and work hard to reach it.

Our E-catalogue development services include:

  • Static Catalogue Designing.
  • Dynamic Catalogues
  • Online promotion, through catalogue
  • Image inclusion.in catalogues
  • Indexing services
  • Optimizing existing catalogue data
  • Updation of Catalogue

Benefits of hiring Hasten IT Solutions:

  • Faster deployment
  • User friendliness
  • Options for Easy update (add/ edit / delete any or all products)
  • Categorization of products and product details
  • Product image upload / download
  • Reduces time of data entry, cost of production.
  • Need based publishing as hardcopy.
  • Offline view and interactivity.
  • Comes in easy to distribute media.