Flash Intros for websites.


A glittering prelude to your homepage:

Well begun and half done:

Flash Web Intro is an animation frontrunner that provides vital info about your company, products and other services in an attractive way by incorporating animation with text, graphics and flash objects.

Having a Flash intro as upfront load in your website will act as a splashing invite for visitors, Helps to deviate from conventional home page without compromising SEO. Attractive flash intro designs make the talk for the business. Including a flash intro also make a way for providing elegant colourful snippet of key business and can be changed when needed. There is no fallside in keeping intro in flash as it doesn’t affect pure text.

Flash as a preface:

Apart from attracting attention on first visit, flash intro is capable of being a wonderful tool which can assure the holding up of the users consequently leading to a considerable increase in the rate of conversion. Moreover this is the best way for introducing your business to the targeted audience.

Advantages in placing Flash Intro:

  • Flash is catchy and add interactivity.
  • Interactive menu can be added.
  • Animated introductions in frontpage add aesthetic value to the website, help to hold visitors.
  • Animation & other attractive features play a very important role in lead generation.
  • By placing lucid thrills we can attract visitors to stay-in.
  • Hasten IT Solutions provides Flash Web Introduction design services, Giving a facelift to the website.