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Unleash the power of social media with facebook:

Facebook has become #1 social media networking website in the world..Reasons?

Well there are figures to speak for facebook.

  • Number of Facebook social and business pages over 50 million.
  • As of June 2013 number of Facebook users stood at 1.3 Billion.
  • Number of active daily facebook users is Over 750 million.
  • Mean Monthly posts per facebook page is 36.
  • Daily Average likes 4.7 Billion.
  • Location informed posts 17 Billion.
  • Total Facebook photos uploaded daily at 350 Million.
  • Average time spent per Facebook visit.
  • Active facebook usage per month through mobile 900 Million.
  • Number of Facebook apps is around 10 Million.

Why it is important to promote through facebook?

Over time, Ways by which people get information is changing, In just a decade ago main source of information were periodicals, newspapers, radio and TV. The internet has become a large repository of commercial and other business sensitive information. Social media changed the way delocalized people share information and interact.

Users lookout pattern:

Current trend is to make use of social media, especially facebook to improve their businesses, It is evident that people are not passive in social era and are not satisfied with just grasping the information as given, but prefer to do live interaction with the product or service provider. This necessitate a viable medium through which marketing need to be done online and facebook solves the purpose in a great way.

How Facebook helps?

And business firms need to alter their market strategy by plugging in well with Facebook users’ needs, rather than going for the conventional ways of marketing focusing on hard-selling. Especially younger generation is more leaning towards engaging in facebook, It is vital to look for crowdsourcing through facebook.

A bit more on facebook engagements:

Users in facebook prefer content sharing, A regular facebook user shares status, personal images and videos, Since social network is all about connecting people and sharing referrals and recommendations by Facebook users to their peers.

Facebook dynamics:

Facebook’s visibility settings are helping in a great way to create a viral effect to whatever is shared and are by default visible to friends and friends of friends. Assume you have 100 friends and each of your friends have 100 friends, Content shared by you is visible to a maximum of 100 by 100, that is around 10000 people to the maximum extent, But considering the logged in users when posting is done and visible and scrollable canvas dimensions we can settle around 15 to 20 percent of visibility and that comes around 2500. So this visibility aspect help to churn out a working strategy for promotions.

What we offer?

Hasten IT Solution offers result oriented social media marketing through facebook, Comes with assured best Return On your Investment

List of services:

  • Business page setup for corporates, Small and Medium businesses.
  • Business page optimization.
  • Content creation-Contextual, Images, Videos for facebook etc.
  • Populating content
  • Community page set up, content creation and populating it.
  • Personal fan-page creation and maintenance.
  • Custom facebook application development and using it for lead generation
  • Facebook paid ads management and tracking.
  • Agent engagement for your page during Hasten IT Work hours.
  • Additional agent engagement upon request from client.
  • Activity and insight reporting on a regular basis.