Hosting services – get your space in web.


Tailored web hosting services:

What exactly hosting means?

Hosting literally means getting ample space for your website to keep the entire files involved in the design. Very similar to how you manage folders in a windows based system your websites files are kept in a server connected to web and every visit to your web page sends requests to the server where your files are kept and loaded locally to display in your browser.

Companies dealing in web hosting provide the customers with a fleet of services. Basically, hosting entails a website and all related files. The files are hosted either by using a web based interface or a File Transfer Protocol, which are presented to the web after processing.

Hasten IT Solutions offer these services at a very reasonable cost sponsoring it with ads too providing domestic business houses an opportunity for launching their website live. We allocate distinct space for the website owner on the server, which might be leased or owned by them.

A bit extra:

There are other numerous types of hosting services like video hosting, image hosting, blog hosting, shopping cart software and one click hosting. Our company offer creative hosting attracting your customers and benefit them with packages that are user friendly. For domestic websites, one page hosting is the ideal choice. For a comparatively sophisticated site, we offer an extensive package added with essential support and facilitating those applications. We also offer a control panel for handling the web server, script installation coupled with supplementary services like email.

Type of hosting:

We offer windows and linux hosting services in chennai, can be either shared or owned upon the clients choice.

Type of the hosting service depends on the nature and size of your website data. Sites with lot of images and videos need more space to host them, Also as usage (server requests and response) too is considered as consumption we work custom plans for every website giving due consideration of all the volume consuming elements, The websites of bigger organizations will be linked to the internet for allowing files and emails to be diverted to other servers and sites. This facilitates the user to get updated in particular areas of the site relating to the services and products for the existing and prospective customers and taking online orders.

Even more:

We provide you with an individual server and you are allowed to wholly control the applications. Without owning the hosting they can either use unmanaged hosting or managed hosting. The former one is comparatively cheaper and you will be provided with entire accessibility in administration and the responsibility rests with you for the maintenance and security. On the other hand in the managed plan we provide you with your own server and you can manage the data through remote controlling tools, and we guarantee you with quality service in modifying the server.

You are benefited on the following grounds on availing our flawless services in hosting your website:

  • Establish a website with comprehensive details
  • Wide exposure across the world.
  • Creation and maintaining the database.
  • Promoting your business online.
  • We provide you with various hosting services few of which are listed below:

  • Shared web hosting.
  • Dedicated web hosting.
  • Reseller web hosting.
  • Virtual Dedicated server.
  • Clustered web hosting.
  • Home server.
  • Cloud web hosting and
  • Collocation web hosting.
  • Note: In every category linux and windows hosting is provided.

    Our motto is to fully satisfy our customers and hence various additional services upon request from the client are provided by us on demand. You are assured with round the clock services with high speed servers added with prompt, secured and money-making solutions updated with latest technologies thereby considerably promoting your business online.