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Social media Marketing

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is a technique that involves using social media websites such as facebook, twitter, LinkedIN, Pinterest, Google plus etc for promoting products/services online.

Most social media websites offer avenue for sharing business information in the form of text, images, music and videos thereby providing a platform to talk about your business and get the audience engaged.

Social media is huge and interactive medium

Online business is all about accruing dedicated community audience, social media websites are the best way to forge ahead a dedicated audience and let them well informed

Importance of Social Media Marketing:

Social Media is the hottest among web properties today, Even several businesses run without maintaining a website using the interactive and instant responsiveness power of social media.

It is so inevitable that there are instances that bigger budget allocation is done for online advertising than traditional Print media, TV or Radio, thanks to the global reach and interactiveness offered by social media websites.

Social media never hibernates and is 24*7:

Number of people who create networks and socialize online is so huge and any right attempt to make it profitable for businesses gives exponential results, Also purchasing power of web audience is higher in comparison with newspapers, TV and Radio.

Highlighting products and services in social forums, communities, social networking and social bookmarking websites makes them more visible and the added content is permanent unlike TV and radio commercials

There is no Prime time in social media channels, Indeed the content can be shared as is with the peers and you can see the instant responses..

Social Media Dynamics in Hasten IT Solutions:

Our Social Media consultants will do a SWOT analysis of client business and their short and long time goals, Give Intro for client brand throughout the active and prospective social media networks and work keenly on adding more value and reap the most in calculated attempts through targeted campaigns.

And this ultimately spread the word, helps your business services reach the live real audience with an inclination for your services, Terming the efforts as seeds for instant conversion or a paused one.

Makes sense and difference:

As this is a live, interactive action packed happening medium. Creates opportunities and challenges to work and improve upon, Traditional promotional strategy do not apply here as it is all about customer engagement and referrals, Great work is to be done to emulate trust and add values consistently.

What we offer?

Hasten IT offers complete Solution for all the prominent social media channel promotions.

To List a few:

  • Facebook marketing and promotions.
  • Twitter marketing and promotions.
  • LinkedIN marketing and promotions.
  • Google Plus marketing and promotions.
  • Pinterest and promotions.
  • Youtube video promotions.
  • Promotional online marketing in StumbleUpon, Flickr, Delicious, Bebo, Digg, MySpace Also we afford Social media services in any other channels specified by client.

Viral Marketing services:

Want to spread your presence like how virus does? The name viral marketing says it all, We have an astute team taking on spearheading whirlwind viral campaigns by exquisite, amusing and hence inducing content that self drive crazily once kick started, marketing can be crazy at times !!

YouTube video marketing:

Channel creation and maintenance. Video content creation with audio, narration and annotation upon request.

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