Walkthrough presentations.


What is it?

Walkthough refers to describing the deliberation of a process while it is still at a basic abstract level. It refers to a virtually simulated tour of a particular product or service, Can be a rehearsal across and sometimes a tutoring prelude to a software product.

One example of walkthrough is an introductory video detailing basic business operations of a company or a presentation that explains basic quantum mechanics concepts.

What if you are not into a premise and in absentia through a flash or video presentation visualize the entire feel of the interiors, even before the structure is built? This is called 3D walkthrough.

We design world class interior and exterior 3D animated walkthrough with our expert animators. Walkthrough presentations are offered in person, on business websites,corporate blogs, etc. giving clients the feel that they are actually experiencing a visit, Walkthrough or flythrough in 3D begins with external appearance and leads a viewer inside the infrastructure, shown up as complete with installed furniture, paintings, plants, and other such elements.

3D Walkthrough

Hasten IT Solutions chennai, India, enhances the walkthrough experience with best simulated day and night lighting in line with window directions, elevation of doors, seasons, as well as positional latitudes. While designing interiors, we add effects by light splashes through interior fixtures, auto-illuminated objects, reflection of installed furniture, etc.

All these elements together make a true life picture, inspiring clients to go with the product. We enhance the architectural edifacts with landscapes, fencing, internal pathways, fountains, etc..

It is expressive to the extent that it gives an idea for the onlooker as if he is in the real site and that communicate things better than else.

Computer Graphics and animation has made this walkthrough concept a reality and 3 dimensional models and animation as a tool in bringing the dreams of many clients by affording architectural walkthrough otherwise called structural concept presentation animation.

The Hasten Environment:

Hasten IT Solutions is harbored with a dynamic group of passionate designers working together as a team. We thrive for customer satisfaction and work hard to reach it.

Our E-catalogue development services include:

  • Static Catalogue Designing.
  • Dynamic Catalogues
  • Online promotion, through catalogue
  • Image inclusion.in catalogues
  • Indexing services
  • Optimizing existing catalogue data
  • Updation of Catalogue

Benefits of hiring Hasten IT Solutions:

  • Faster deployment
  • User friendliness
  • Options for Easy update (add/ edit / delete any or all products)
  • Categorization of products and product details
  • Product image upload / download
  • Reduces time of data entry, cost of production.
  • Need based publishing as hardcopy.
  • Offline view and interactivity.
  • Comes in easy to distribute media.