Mobile website designing..


Go mobile, is the current trend in web designing:

What is mobile Web designing?

As formidable percentage of visits to any website happens from mobile devices, keeping a mobile compatible website is must for any business, mobile website design gives out a mobile device sensitive version of your current website to give better browsing experience for a visitor doing so from mobile

Is Every business Gone Mobile?

Answer is quite simple, although many companies are having a web presence most websites do not contribute much for bottom line. Then why, would you want to go for a mobile version of your website?.

If this applies to your website, before having a mobile website one should rethink on their online strategy. A good website always behaves much like a disciplined battalion, marching excellently through every search engine, Conquer search queries and hence give u better visibility than before over the world.

Having a feel that your website is under achieving?

Why not go for a consultation, Where we will analyze your current online marketing strategy if you keep one.. Ours is effective back to basics kinda approach wherein our skilled marketing consultant will ask questions that, if answered with veracity will help ourselves to have a grasp of where your business is poised online now, how you got where you want to be online. you are sure to be how this process relaxes your market forces. which will help you transform your website into a perennial lead machinery.

Why a Mobile Version of website needed?

Gone are the days of extensive use of yellow pages and other directories to search for services where people scan across the pages to find a firm which could help to solve your problem. Of late this tiresome way of searching for companies saw a massive decline, Leading search engines like Yahoo and Google replaced traditional printed directories. Since 2006 Google accounts for this remarkable change and eventually became directory of directories.

Companies that are early birds benefitted from the voluminous exposure search engines gave for their businesses worldwide as consumers often go for online searching. Endup only to see quantifiable sale leads happen from mobile users.

As of now Mobile website design is in its formative years,Soon be more mobiles than humans on the planet and upon taking the fact that first mobile call wasn’t made until 1973 it is amazing that this device has become a third hand and people now consider as the most important personal possession. Beforehand websites were designed for regular CRT, LCD and browsers when contents are getting squeezed into smaller screens on a mobile device it takes much time to load and navigation through the pages becomes cumbersome and in fact gives frustration to the end user making him deviating from visiting a website that is incompatible with the mobile devices.

Mobile visits are very important:

Small business houses invest a lot to ensure their website can be easily found by potential customers, However the lopside is failing to consider many of the prospects are searching from mobile phone, this means that if they click onto your link upon finding your website through search engines and get into your home page, Ending up only to see that your website’s content has not been showing up well in the mobile added with slow loads and hard to navigate around.

How does one find the mobile version of my site?

Mobile optimized websites need a line of programming to your current website so that upon analytics that detects the device from which a visit happens. If the program detects the website is visited from a Smartphone then it shows a compatible form of your website that has been tuned well for a mobile screen. images,video and textual content will also get adjusted and are tailored in a way that makes the website easily viewed on a small screen.

Advantages of a mobile website:

  • A mobile sensitive website is a very cost effective way to start your mobile marketing strategy.
  • Mobile advertising has become an industry in its own right.
  • You can use content marketing to generate more leads.
  • Giving your customers a good mobile experience means allowing them to view your products and services while they are on the move.
  • Video & Dynamic Content is no more a problem.
  • Mobile users are proved busier on online shops than their pc counterparts.
  • Payment via mobile is all growing at a fast pace.
  • Paypal have launched their new product called Mobile PayPal a lighter version of online payment format.
  • Social media also goes mobile!
  • Smartphones now behave like computers with many of the capabilities of the pc.
  • Hasten IT Edge:

    Hasten IT worked very hard to put together a mobile designing and marketing strategy that sets us apart from the crowd.Our mission is to help you to achieve stipulated business goals.

    If you want to get your website show well and adds value to your marketing goals make a call or mail us, We are here to deploy a mobile responsive website for you.