Open source CMS.


Do it yourself website development with open source CMS:

What is CMS?

Software tailor made for a specific purpose is called custom application, developed to meet up with a particular scenario in an organization.

Custom Software and Web Application Development:

Content Management Systems enable the workforce of an organization to handle the content of their website by themselves.

Open source CMS have undergone an aggressive development that it has a huge follow up on its own. provides great adaptability, creation and deployment is quite easier with its growing volume of forum support for open source developers, plug-ins and developers helplines. Basically this is due to the huge support given by the millions of the internet users that any bigger organization can never offer. Any opensource CMS, is capable of providing all the suppleness to personalize it according to your particular website design requirements.

Hasten IT is proud to offer open source web development services using popular CMS platforms and we are dedicated to be a part of the community of open source. We offer the best world class CMS customization at affordable rates.

There are numerous advantages in using our CMS services:

  • Cost effective: We offer the source code for free and the cost of the support offered with this system is comparatively less than that of a commercial CMS.
  • Amenable and simple to customize: Using CMS enable your website to be adaptable to suit all the future essentials of business
  • Support: Our professionals are available round the clock for offering you guidance on any issue relating to CMS.
  • Untied platform: CMS are developed in open source platform which are rich in supporting and enriched by technical forums with huge support information that are easily reachable.
  • Capable of sharing the resources: Companies are allowed to share their resources enabling them to save their time, reduce their expenses and enhance their productivity
  • Assimilation: Our service of extending and personalizing open source CMS to make it work for a business
  • Testing trials: Before implementation, these systems are allowed to be downloaded for testing purpose, which helps the developer to evaluate the system comprehensively and make a comparison before deciding to go with it.
  • Immediate error resolving: Since these systems are open to the suggestions and comments of similar community, any problem in the system will be instantly solved by the members of the community. So solution is available handy.
  • Reaching client goal:

    Our CMS services aim at satisfying the client with recent stable version and comply with tendencies of online business. Our main motive is not only developing your website but also organizing and maintaining the rich content of your website coupled with reducing the cost of maintaining your website.

    Open source CMS personalization is highly demanded and utilized by e-commerce shops and public sale website, forums, blogs, online advertisements and job offerings, event and document control systems and websites involving multi languages, online shopping cart and societal networking. We develop Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal CMS which are the most popular and successful much used content management systems where your websites can be updated managed and edited without any issues and we also offer migration of service between these systems enabling you to benefit out of the best that gives you the optimum results.