Pay Per Click Management


Best suited for getting instant results in PPC:

What is Pay Per Click?

Pay per click, popularly known as PPC is the best suited method for getting instant business, major Search engines like Google and Bing facilitate business houses and individuals to purchase premium positions in search page real estate. These bidded listing comes along with the organic (also called natural, un-paid) free search results.

How PPC works?

Ads appearing in search engine result pages are auctioned based on search volume of specified set of keywords. You bid on conversion specific keywords. Going for maximum bid gets the chance of being placed #1 in sponsored category.

If someone clicks on the link given by you in the PPC listing, they are directed to your website, and you are charged based on the bid amount per click.

So, if you bid Rs 5 per click for a particular keyword and that’s the highest bid, your ad will be shown first in line. If 100 people click your ad, then the concerned search engine or PPC system will charge you Rs 500 from you..

Advantages of PPC:

Pay per click advertising has the capability to draw traffic to your website right away. It’s as simple as Spend as per bid prices, get placed on top, and prospective customers will see your listing at first. Upon a search for key business phrases on which bid is made and put up a crisp but well made ad text, You will receive instant clicks once ad is activated.

PPC advertising is speedy:

With Google AdWords and MSN Adcentre you can create targeted traffic in few hours of placing an ad.

It is too simple and nimble:

Getting top positions through organic results will take some time, In fact it takes months to get a deserved position involving lot fluctuations in results due to competitive SEO. Instead pay per click campaigns are fluid in nature and can be tuned even in few minutes. That makes it unmatched ability to get a go with market conditions.

Campaign based and need based traffic:

If you plan for a short-term campaign for a newly introduced product, service or a special issue, pay per click is the best way to vibrate the buzz. you can even change the text of your ppc ad amidst mid-campaign, This makes tuning the message easier. If you require to focus attention for a particular amount of time, PPC is the best choice.

PPC for Direct-responsive business:

If you sell hot products or offer a service that visitors can go for it the moment they arrive at your web site, pay per click is a great choice. Online stores are a good example: As each click generates a real prospective customer, Hence it makes sense to spend money to increase clicks and it pays well too.

PPC at Hasten IT Solutions:

We are enriched by search engine experts who are well versed with the nuances of search engine behaviour and ran hundreds of PPC campaigns successfully with assured better Return On Investment